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I am getting tired of vi vs. emacs vs. what not rants! December 7, 2008

Posted by haskelladdict in Linux.
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Maybe I should not blog about this topic because it seems that way too many people get way too excited about it for reasons I don’t quite understand. Well, too late, here I am typing away.

I am of course referring to the eternal vi vs. emacs vs. <insert your favorite text editor here> flame war. After reading yet another one just the other day I suddenly got really fed up with it.

What editor I am using during my daily typing, you ask? Well, over the past many years I have spent a considerable amount of time trying out a fair amount of different editors. At the end of the day it turned out that vim was, has been, and still is exactly the right tool for me to get stuff done. In fact, vim has become part of me to a degree that I don’t even realize its modes/keystrokes/tabs any more until I am forced to edit a document in, e.g., openoffice and find myself hitting the escape key for no apparent reason and, more annoyingly, plastering the text with i’s and j’s before reverting back to slow edit mode via the arrow keys or even (gasp) the mouse.

What is my point, you ask? Well, I simply think that just because of the fact that one likes editor A, editor B does not automatically suck (pardon my language). Rather, I would like to propose that anybody in need of a text editor should strive to find the one that allows them to work most productively (*). Period! If this turns out to be emacs, great; or vim, great; or kate, great. Most importantly, if all your friends think editor A is great, but after using it for some time (a few months, say) you still find yourself looking at a cheat sheet a lot, or the hot-keys just don’t seem right, maybe it is time to look again, at editor B, maybe.

(*) Of course, it may well be that a set of different text editors be used for certain types of tasks.



1. scaryreasoner - December 19, 2008

Don’t like editor war rants, eh? What if the rant is in the form of a video game? Would that help?

See: http://wordwarvi.sourceforge.net

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